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Turbo Technics Ltd

About This Project

Turbo Technics found us on Google of all places. Their requirement seemed simple; they had bought a WordPress theme, installed it and got a development version live but they just couldn’t get it to ‘work’ for them.

After several discussions it became clear that they were struggling to write the content for their site; this was holding them back from being able to create the website.

Charged with creating the site was fine for us but the stumbling block of them not being able to provide content was holding the project up. The reason that they were finding it so hard to write the content is because they hadn’t gone through the process of understanding, developing and then documenting the emotional side of what their brand stands for.

It also became clear that the company provides a range of products and services for a number of different customer types; again no previous work had been done to tie these down.

We ran a brand review day with the General Manager to really get inside his head and understand exactly what the company stands for, why and boil the brand down to its absolute essence.

During this process, we discovered that the company actually has eleven different customer types and so after the day and the brand review had been completed we set about researching and developing a customer avatar for each and every one of them.

A new key member of the sales team was recruited within a few weeks of us completing this work and the documentation produced allowed the General Manager to communicate exactly what the brand stands for, what its key messaging is and who they are targeting with what products in a very short amount of time. Previously this would have taken weeks to accomplish by taking the new recruit to a full range of customers and introducing them to him.

Now we have completed this work, the content for the new website(s) is well under way, they have a clear direction of what they want to say to who, and why they want to say it. They know where their target audience shop, socialise and hang out, what their objections are and how Turbo Technics can help them. Watch this space for future updates to this piece as our work together continues and we launch the new websites.

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